Well to me Martial Arts means respect and discipline. I have trained in different Martial arts now for much more than 15 years. I have seen much of people appear and disappear but one thing that I have noticed is clearly the respect and discipline that has changed those peoples perception of life.
Children that have started that might be on the wrong side of the tracks, always in trouble and no idea how to respect other kids. Place them in a controlled environment with discipline and fighting and they soon start to understand.
Martial arts is a great technique for teens and adults to get rid of their aggression without hurting or bullying anyone.
You learn the Martial Arts discipline due to training, the better discipline you have to the Martial Art the better you become. This is definitely a very subconscious area for a lot of people and they are likely to start working harder and concentrating more without realising.
The respect comes from the sparring, the harder you hit someone the harder they are going to hit you back, the more you respect that fighter the more they will respect you. This gives martial artists total understanding of treating others, as you would wish to be treated.
During my years of training I have seen kids that are not doing well at school and always getting into trouble for bullying and fighting. After a few of training twice a week, their grades have gone up and they are no longer bullying or fighting. In my opinion Martial Arts teaches children a fantastic mental skill needed to get them through the turmoils of life and do extremely well when they are adults.
Everyone should try Martial Arts one time in their life and feel the release it gives, using every muscle in your body and your mind all at the same time.

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